• 2epicworlds

    The wiki expansion teaser

    February 18, 2019 by 2epicworlds

    This is a teaser not the real fan fiction

    Goodman: Breaking news m’kay. The workers of fandom has announced new wikis are coming here to Pensacola m’kay.

    Coming May 3rd

    A gunshot is heard and hits the wall of the house

    2epicworlds: oh no! The smg4 wiki is attacking.

    Kapfan: we must fight back

    Trikkiboy: were going to war

    2epicworlds: ...

    Jeffy: i’m Going to finger there assholes

    Rh: ew

    The wiki expansion coming May 3rd.

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  • CuldeeFell13

    Hello guys! This is a blog where I can show you the roster for Ultimate Wiki Night and the A.I for the characters.

    Now that we went through what will be in the game. Time to showcase the A.I

    70% of characters done

    Wasabi: Wasabi will roam around the duct system. You can be able to block him off using a duct block. Only one door can be closed at a time.   Wasabi is 100% fooled by the audio lure but is imune to the heater!

    Maguro: Maguro will roam around the duct system. You can be able to block her off using a duct block. Maguro is 100% fooled by the audio lure. She can also be pushed back by the heater. She is slighlty faster than Wasabi.

    Kani: Kani will roam around the duct system. You can be able to block her off using a duct block. Kani is 1…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    This is originated from a post in Jeffy's Piggy Bank, so I decided to make an epilogue out of it. (it was an alternate ending made by Dominicfan400)

    Epilogue (Scene translates to the baseball field with Brooklyn T. Guy holding Mario tied up and drop him)

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Now, Simmons will be running the steamroller while you stay there and get tortured. Goodluck! (walks away)

    Mario: (muffled) WHAT!?

    (Steamroller runs)


    (Steamroller rides to Mario screaming and get crushed while guts, ripped stomach, kidneys, lungs, heart, and more crushing Mario)

    Mario: (muffled) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHYAAUDYUIWYDGWAGFIUGFrfbgjudfgfdgfdg............................................................…

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  • DarthSaiyan8697

    I need you guys's help to make a “Council of Marios” fanfiction after I imagined the introduction and some parts of it. The intro begins with a typical Jeffy video where Jeffy is spanking his diaper while annoying Mario. Mario berates Jeffy to stop, but Jeffy responds by giving him a very loud “UGH” sound. Before Mario is about to scold his retarded adopted son, a large electrical spark surrounds Mario and then he vanished in front of Jeffy. After that, Jeffy got confused where his foster dad is after he dissappeared. Later, Mario is teleported to the black world of nothingness by the electrical spark and later questioned himself where he is until he saw 6 different versions of himself sitting on a conference table. When Mario asked his si…

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  • 2epicworlds

    These are banner teasers for finding Danzxvfan

    I know they look like a 5 year old made them but i’m Using a free app on my iPad to use this so don’t judge me D:<

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  • 2epicworlds

    This is a teaser not the real story

    Trikkiboy: aaahhh another day and another troll blocked. Say Danzxvfan hasn’t been active for a while

    Agonzo: maybe he is bored of the wiki

    Trikkiboy: but it’s his job to be an admin

    Agonzo: true

    Trikkiboy: I must find him

    Agonzo: that’s a little extreme

    Trikkiboy: nah, i’m Getting some of my friends to help me

    Trikkiboy calls his friends

    Trikkiboy: they should be coming soon!

    They come

    2epicworlds: what is it?

    Rh: yeah, we came as fast as we could

    Trikkiboy: we need to find Danzxvfan

    Finding Danzxvfan coming March 10th

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  • Cutiepasta2


    Marigraciela was sewing a dress but she heard a creepy music box playing.

    Marigraciela continued but she heard the girls singing creepy songs.

    Finally she can't take it anymore

    Marigraciela opens the door revealing the creepy mexican twin sisters. They has long dark brown hair, dull brown eyes and tan skin. They wear grayish blue dresses, white stockings and black mary jane shoes.

    Marigraciela gulped "W-who are you?"

    The twins spoke in a somber yet soft voice "We're the Ocampo twins"

    "I'm Violeta"

    "And i'm Rosa"

    Marigraciela's jaw dropped

    "You're invited to our tea party at our house at 8:00 you must bring your friends"

    Marigraciela gulped.

    Magdalena said "Yes"

    Juan Manuel, Marisol, Paco and Pablo said "Wait What?!"

    Marigraciela said "Trust me it's…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Alternate Ending: 

    (Piggy gets out of the house)

    (Scene translates to the red couch with Rosalina and Mario)

    Rosalina: So, where did that pig go?

    Mario: I don't know! ( until sawing drawing Jeffy saying mayonnaise again causing Mario to get even more angrier)



    Jeffy: What's fucking wrong, daddy?


    (Leaves and Jeffy is shocked)

    Rosalina: So, how did it go, Mario?

    Mario: He went out of his crib again.

    Rosalina: Oh, ok!

    (until ground shakes and Jeffy furiously yells) Jeffy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE. YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Warning: Strong language and more crap. :|  )

    Chapter 1: 

    (Scene translates at the table with Junior, Joseph, and Cody)

    Junior: Guys! When it's dinner gonna be ready?

    Chef PeePee: Here you go everyone, I made ramen noodles!

    Junior: (sniffs) EW, CHEF PEEPEE!!! What is this made out of cow shit?

    Chef PeePee: (stares at Junior hard) Nigga I made this so shut ya mouth Fuckwipe... (leaves)

    Cody: His cooking sucks!

    Junior: I know!

    (until rummages came from the trash can behind the table)

    Joseph: What was that?

    Junior: I don't k- 

    Toad: (jumps out of the trash can) BOO!!!

    (Junior, Joseph, and Cody screams)

    Toad: AHAHAHA!! Gotcha! Also, I found this Rubik's cube thing with red eyes and stuff. (Rubo reactivates by himself turning into evil mode)

    Cody: It's that m…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    This is the perfect grammar version! :)

    (Oh hi! You guys remember me from the sml wikia, well now! I'm moving in sml fandom.)

    Chapter 1: A new robot

    (scene begins to the red couch with junior, joseph and Cody.)                                                                        [1] Junior: Can we play board games?

    Cody: No, every time we play board games, we get an argument so no.

    Junior: Well you’re a nerd, right?

    Cody: Yeah!

    Junior: Can you make a Rubik's Cube but this time, it's a robot?

    Cody: I can do that!

    Junior: Really?

    Cody: Yeah, but it's going to take a month to do it, so you might wait.

    Junior: Ok.

    (A month later)

    Cody: Alright guys! Meet Rubo The Rubik's Cube! It can do anything, like making wishes come true, make foods and more.

    Junior: …

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  • Junebug25

    So the episode starts out with Goodman coming by Mario's place to collect his house payment as normal, and orders Mario to let him inside. Goodman begins to act like his usual self, being disrespecrful and indecent in any way possible, which understandably irritates everyone, especially Mario who actually has his payment ready. This doesn't stop Goodman's rude behavior, and he prepares to threaten Mario once again. 

    Suddenly, he pauses in his sentence and passes out on the ground. In shock, Mario calls a doctor to see what happened to Goodman. The doctor, Brooklyn T. Guy of course, checks his pulse, and confirms that he's dead. An autopsy is done and shows that he was poisoned within the last 30 minutes. Brooklyn changes into his cop unifor…

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  • Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! It’s RH! Since this is 2019, I will be uploading EVERY single SML Idea, Alternate Ending, and Story I’ve ever made in 2018 on the SML Wiki! I hope you enjoy them! Let me know in the comments which ones were your favorites!

    RH Studios Presents

    The Golden Collection of RH! Volume 1 (2018)


    1. Cody the Vampire! Alternate Ending. (My first contribution to the wiki!)

    Junior: Let’s call the doctor so we can make sure he’s dead!

    Joseph: Yeah, Let’s do it dude!

    (Brooklyn Guy rings the doorbell)

    Brooklyn Guy: Hey, did somebody call a doctor?

    Junior and Joseph: Well, We did! Because, we just killed somebody!

    Brooklyn Guy: Wait, Wait, Wait! Hang on, you …

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  • Trikkiboy


    December 25, 2018 by Trikkiboy

    Due to Wikia's fatal decision to remove highlights, this is where current highlighted articles will be kept:

    • SML Wiki 2019 Cleanup Project
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  • InternetProblem


    November 4, 2018 by InternetProblem


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  • TheOfficalGetemNewellRulesWiki
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  • Matthew ess

    Supermariologan: Mario’s Revenge!

    Plot: After a battle with YouTube Mario had the Worst day of his entire life when his family got their house destroyed for denying the house payment later he realized that it was all a lie because he had a web show life after all these years then he started to rebel against his town and has no choice but to kill every last baddie there is, In this 3 part series finale, The sensation of stupidity is over.

    Release date: June 14-16 2022 (3 Day series finale)


    Find the characters here

    Mario Chef Peepee Rosalina Jeffy Bowser Bowser Junior Joseph Cody Nutkiss Black Yoshi Shrek Brooklyn T. Guy Woody Toad Jackie Chu Goodman Tony the Ti…

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  • Kuomintang The Jump119

    Write your comment down below!

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  • Pixarfan2003edcp

    Write your comment down below!

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  • Dalek rex

    Bowser watches Charleyyy and friends and hears that They are going to have it to that one lucky viewer will get to meet Charleyyy in person which naturally excites Bowser who then goes straight to the kitchen and very aggressively orders Chef Pee Pee to fix a delicious meal for him and Charleyyy or Bowser will torture him to death

    Once Bowser comes back to watch Charleyyy it turns out They already chose someone to visit Charleyyy who turns out to be all of people Jeffy which makes Bowser absolutely furious and so He returns to the kitchen and beats up Chef Pee Pee and throws him into a boiling pot of water scalding Chef Pee Pee in a fit of rage and explains how he missed his chance to see Charleyyy in person and then Bowser waits for Jeffy …

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  • Durfland


    August 25, 2017 by Durfland

    A lot of pages on this wiki lack pictures, mainly thumbnails. IDK if i'm the only one that can do that and is still active here, but if i'm not, please add pictures. So yeah, bye xdddd

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  • Icey Tha Yoshi

    Would ya guys be happy?

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  • Cooler1991

    The SML Movie has kept being delayed for many reasons, so these are some possible release dates:

    July 26th-August 5th August 6th-September 20

    Late July/Early August Mid August/Early September

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  • That Loyal Touch

    AquaticNeptune reuploaded one of his videos.

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  • Nintendo Bro 32

    can i get admin please?

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  • That Loyal Touch

    Helping Hands

    June 29, 2017 by That Loyal Touch

    The more members, the merrier.

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  • That Loyal Touch

    Anyone help please? It'd be great to have more thumbnails for our fanmade episodes.

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  • That Loyal Touch

    Anyone willing to help out? There are so many incomplete and crudely designed pages here that need headings, pictures, and categories. Such lack of quality control severely heeds away the fans.

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  • The RPG Gamer

    These are the kart combinations Bowser Jr., Joseph, Cody, and Toad used when they played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe together (in 4-player) in Jeffy gets taken.

    Bowser Junior = Bowser Jr. - Gold Karts - Gold Tires - Gold Glider

    Joseph = Koopa Troopa - Koopa Clown - Crimson Slim - Wario Wing

    Cody = Kamek (Mii) - Yoshi Bike - Roller - Cloud Glider

    Toad - Toad - Standard ATV - Monster - Bowser Kite

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  • ThomasandFriends7

    Jeffys Death

    December 27, 2016 by ThomasandFriends7

    Give me an idea.

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  • FlandreAndTakane333


    December 3, 2016 by FlandreAndTakane333

    All users, I've adopted this wiki a few days ago. And now, I just have to wait for a response by staff! Yay!

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  • Hi1p

    Bowser's Secret Plan

    October 8, 2015 by Hi1p

    Can someone help me find the appropriate number of videos for Bowser's Secret Plan? I'm not sure how many I want to come up with.

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  • Hi1p

    Creative Wiki

    October 7, 2015 by Hi1p

    I really like this wiki because you can create anything related to SML with your own idea!

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  • Ko hankinator

    The main idea?

    August 26, 2015 by Ko hankinator

    So, is this whole point of the wiki to create video ideas for SML vids upcoming in the future or something like that?

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